Friday, September 25, 2009

Apple Sauce Chicken

I made this yesterday, and it turned out very well. Once again, it's a slow cooker recipe. I suppose for those who know what they're doing, they can adjust it for an oven. But I'm one of those who wanders off and forgets that the oven or stove is on, thus burning supper. So, slow cooker.

At 12:00pm
In my giant slow cooker, I put three chicken breasts (skinless, boneless from M&M's), washed and sliced an apple and tossed it in, and added 4 tablespoons of sweetened apple sauce per chicken breast. Then I put in frozen baby carrots and a hand full of pineapple. Set the cooker to "low" cook and walked away.

3 or 4 pm
I changed "low" cook to warm.

I made couscous by adding one cup of hot water to one cup of uncooked couscous. I let it sit covered while I set the table and got the salad out.

Ate. It was DELICIOUS!!!! I especially liked to mix the pineapple and carrots into the couscous and eat it together.

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