Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cider Salmon

I should probably rename this blog to Aspie Cooking Adventures, because not all of my recipes turn out. Like the one from Monday.

And er, just a warning, this is one of those cooking with alcohol.

So I washed and cut up a couple of potatoes and put them in the slow cooker with three salmon fillets and about 250ml of Rekorderlig, wild berries flavour. It's a Swedish pear cider from Vimmerby, with 7% alcohol. I also drizzled the salmon with honey garlic sauce. Set the slow cooker for manual low and walked away.

A couple hours later, I returned and turned it up to high because the potatoes might not have been ready in time.

final verdict: the potatoes were okay. I think I needed to add some spice to it though.

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